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The Car Vault
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Why are most of your cars priced between $3000 and $12000?

I believe that any business should do what it does well, and leave the rest to others. We are very good at selling cars in the $3000 to $12000 price range. We work hard to find good quality, older, or higher mileage cars that most families can afford without a loan. This segment of the market is not served by new car dealers, and is poorly served by private sellers who don't offer safety checks or warranties, and are not always concerned with customer satisfaction. If you need a dependable car that is guaranteed to pass inspection for under $12000 your choices can be limited. We are an excellent place to find that kind of car. We don’t sell cars under $3000 because they are often unreliable and usually won’t pass MA inspection.

Do your cars come with a warranty?

All of our retail cars are guaranteed to pass MA inspection. We provide an additional warranty on any car that has fewer than 125,000 miles. A copy of the warranty is placed in each eligible vehicle.

Do you provide financing?

No. Most banks will not finance vehicles older than 6 years or with over 100K miles. You may be able to find a local Credit Union with flexible lending terms that will finance older cars. We can provide you with a list of Credit Unions. We do not provide any in-house financing.

Are your prices negotiable?

No. We list the lowest possible selling price right in the ad. Most people appreciate that. It takes the confrontation and struggle out of the car buying process. If you like confrontation and doing battle with a car salesman, I’m sure you can find one who will be willing to fight with you, but it won’t be one of us!

Where do you get these cars?

Almost all of the cars we sell are trade-ins to local new car dealers. We have relationships with several local dealers and are able to hand pick some of their trade-ins for our customers. We sell some cars for private owners, and occasionally are asked to liquidate repossessions.